Recording & Mixing  

(Vocal & Instruments) 

from home (RMVI)

In today's digital era, learning to record and mix music (Vocal/Instruments)  from home has become more achievable than ever. Access to the right tools and guidance through online courses can open doors to creating professional-level audio productions from the comfort of your own space.

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What Is This RMVI Course? 

    • Learn recording, editing, mixing & mastering vocals/instruments in Logic Pro.
    • Leverage RSM's ready made templates to achieve professional sound quickly.
    • Covers audio fundamentals, home studio set up  &  advanced recording techniques.
    • Provides step-by-step tutorials for seamless recording with karaoke tracks for vocal recordings.

    This RMVI Course Is For?

    • Musicians, Smule Singer, Live Performers and Students who wish to record, mix and master vocals or instruments.
    • This course is for all the singers who wants to record vocals with karaoke tracks.
    • This course is for all the singers/musicians who want to record professional-sounding vocals by using LOGIC PRO templates.
    • This course is towards voice Coaches/Content Creators and general audio engineers.
    • This course is for all band who wants to record lead vocals/Instruments in Logic Pro.

    Why Should You Take Up This Course?

      • RMVI Course: A meticulously designed curriculum (foundations, theory, practicals) caters to all learning styles, guiding you from beginner to pro in Logic Pro X audio/music production.
      • Renowned Instructor: Learn from RAJMAN, a seasoned music composer, audio engineer (SAE graduate), who personally provides ongoing support (weekly mastermind session).
      • Comprehensive & Efficie nt : Master high-quality music recording & production with 20+ hours of focused video tutorials, eliminating the need for scattered YouTube searches.

      Features & Benefits



      Samples, Checklists, Cheat Sheets, Vocals & Instruments Processing Templates, Mix & Master Templates



      Access to course videos anywhere, anytime 24/7 for Lifetime



      To Counsel, help and motivate you to learn this art without loosing confidence.



      New Age Music Producers Tribe (NAMPT) FB VIP Community Access



      Facilitating partnership and collaboration with RSM community of Musicians



      A 7-day 100% refund policy if you are not happy with the course.

      Meet Your Coach

      "Rajman: Composer & Audio Engineer Extraordinaire"

      Step into the captivating world of Rajman, where music composition meets audio engineering mastery. Rajman is an Independent Indian Pop/Rock Music Composer/Audio Engineer, An SAE Alumni (Australia), graduate in music composition and production with more than 35 lakh listeners and 100k followers to his New Age Music on a profound level. 

      The award winning composer has performed and worked with famous stalwarts like Oscar-winning composer Mr M. M Keeravani, Oscar-winning lyricist Mr Chandra Bose, Mr R. P Patnaik, Mr Mani Sharma, Mr Bhuvana Chandra, Mr Parthu Nemani,  Mr Tanikela Bharani, Mr Hymath Mohammed, Mr Mallikarjun, Mr Hack Wanger.

      His music is featured on all streaming media, films, commercials and even in video games. Rajman’s commitment to his craft continues to inspire aspiring musicians/singers and engineers alike, showcasing the powerful synergy between musical creativity and technical expertise in the world of music, audio and music production.

            Career Options                                         

      • Professional Singer
      • Recording Engineer
      • Recording Artist
      • Mixing & Mastering Engineer
      • Re-Mixer
      • Session Musician (Recording)
      • Electronic Music Producer (EMP Students Only)


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      My Promise

      Upon finishing this course, you'll elevate your expertise as a Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer and Music Producer. Acquire a comprehensive grasp of Logic Pro as we lead you in recording, editing, mixing, and mastering to produce a polished track (vocals and instruments).


      If you have any questions about the RMVI or Music Production in general, email us at and then myself or a member of the "New Age Music Producers’ Tribe" will get back to you as soon as possible.

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      RMVI Course Curriculum

      Module 1

      Home Recording Studio Gear

      Course Introduction



      Studio Headphones



      Digital Audio Workstation



      Audio Interface






      Other Modules

      Basics Of Audio & Sound



      Analog & Digital  Audio






      Logic Module - Pitch Correction  (12 Modules)



      • Logic Pro Installation 
      • Data Organisation
      • Logic Pro Overview
      • Logic Pro Terminology
      • Logic Pro Key Commands
      • Logic Pro Interface
      • Signal Flow In Logic Pro
      • Before Recording Audio Logic Pro
      • Recording Techniques In Logic Pro
      • Recording  Audio In Logic Pro
      • Editing In Logic Pro
      • Flex Pitch & Time Correction In Logic Pro
      • Vocal Processing In Logic Pro
      • Mixing & Mastering In Logic Pro


      Streaming Audio From Logic  (FB & YT Live) 

      Learn Record & Mix From Home

      Instructed by Rajman

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      Kind Of Results You Can Expect After Finishing This Course

      Here’s what our Current Students have to say...

      Rajman is very thorough and explains in a manner that you can understand. The information and the communication is exceptional. Have found the course very useful and have helped learn so much more. Definitely recommend his courses

        Shilpa C/RMVI student

      Best music prod schools. My recoding skills are improved and my voice is so fresh, powerful and sounding pro level. Best Music prod school and I Highly recommend.

       Manjunath P/RMVI student

      Rajman's music production talent is nothing short of exceptional. His ability to blend diverse sounds seamlessly creates an immersive auditory experience. Each track is a testament to his passion and creativity, making him a standout in the world of music production. Rajman's work is a true masterpiece, leaving listeners captivated and eager for more.

      Anirudh K/RMVI Student

      As a singer, I always wanted to learn music and how to master what I sing. RSM is one that I feel gave me that opportunity, a personal touch and fantastic support when learning something new. I have no qualms in saying I have benefited a lot. To master music production, RSM is the place to look.

       Chetan P/ RMVI student

      Rajman, Undoubtedly one the best instructor for RMVI course and EMP course, I recommend RSM for all the music producers and Record Engineers.

       Harish C/ RMVI student

      I joined RSM a year ago and learnt an Electronic Music production course from Rajman, which definitely, helped me to shape my music production skills better, I strongly recommend RSM to all music aspirants.

       Praveen Y/EMP student

      Having enrolled in RSM and completing the RMVI course with Rajman, I can confidently say it has significantly enhanced my vocal production. My voice now has a professional and fresh sound .  Additionally, being given the opportunity to sing a song for his composition has been incredibly inspiring for me. I highly recommend RSM to all music enthusiasts looking to refine their skil ls.

      Bobby/RMVI student

      One of the best music schools. Excellent training by Rajman to improve the knowledge of Sound production and Logic Pro programming. Highly recommended.

      Achuyuth/RMVI Student

      Attending Rajman School for music production was a great choice. The instructors, equipment, and networking opportunities were excellent, making it a top-notch experience for aspiring producers. I strongly recommend RSM for audio and music production courses.

       Raghava A/EMP student

      Produce Pro Audio & Music From Home

      Discount Ending In









      ATTENTION:  Singers, Students, Musicians

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long it will take to learn Logic Pro X?

      If you are a Logic Pro beginner, it will take around 5 hours to record Vocals/Instruments, mix & master a Karaoke Track.

      Is it easy to record at home with all the noises around?

      Yes, With technology & Plugin available within the Logic Pro X even if your audio recording has noise, you can remove it to a certain extent.

      How long will it take to finish the RMVI Level 1 Course?

      To finish the RMVI level 1 course, it will take around 1 months if you are learning theory and doing practicals at the same for around 1 hours a day.

      How do I set up a home recording studio?

      Just follow Module  "How to set up home recording studio" it is very easy to set up your home studio if you follow the network diagram.

      How much does it cost to set up a decent home recording studio?

      Honestly, You can set up a home recording studio for under Rs/- 15K, which will give you professional sound vocals & music production.

      How to record professional-sounding vocals at home?

       Just follow our set-by-step modules, and by the end of this course, you will be amazed to see the quality voice/vocals recording. Listen to the RSM students' audio recordings above, which are recorded from home.

      Recording & Mixing (Vocals/Instruments)

      20+hrs of Video Content

      22 Modules

      Trustpilot  4.5(Excellent)

      Become a Master in recording. Learn from me as I teach you how to record pro sounding  vocals/instruments from home!   

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